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Mark C. Nolte
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I am a Radio, Television, Engineering Consultant and Amateur Radio Operator, callsign K"zero"HMS.

If you only have one page of information about you, what do you want people to take away from this one page?  I am a humble guy but I know who I am (NOLTE family Hannover,Hamlen and Arzen Germany) as far back as 1575 A.D. ... My family has been Lutheran 16 generations. My version of faith is in God, not religion. I am Charismatic Christian but not denominational identified. We are immortal spiritual beings on a self-described prision planet, based on our current understanding of technology, as compared to the entire universe.

By the Holy Spirit, I am not wrong of this. God speaks his Gospels to me through his word in the bible,and in evidence of ecological life design, in the life struggles of humans, in the majesty of the trees, in the flowers,to the formations in clouds and light traveling across the vastness of space and time all proof of the existence of GOD》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》.


 Are you awake to the example of Jesus? Do you know who you are? Do you know here you came from?

I would recommend goggle Zecharia Sitchin Index, The Earth Chronicles. I believe the New Testament Gospels of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return, likely not until 3050 AD. Jesus birth was planned by Enki, prophesied by Isaiah Amoz, sometime from 701 to 640 BCE. Enki supposedly left in 550 BCE to return in 3050 AD. Enki's name was at the top of the Lapis blue stone tablets given to Moses. I also believe we have been manipulated by some religions. The Old Testament and New testament are clearly not chronological. The present situation is not for me to solve. I am happy with the current narrative. On politics, I am self identified as conservitive(not R,D, or I) libertarian.  

Do you know the true meaning of life? Love your Neighbor. (No point in leaving the question to a guess.)

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My work and professional career of 40 years is outlined on Linkedin at the button below. Thanks for reaching out to find this site and reading so far. GRACE AND PEACE BE WITH YOU. 


My Daughter got a Presidents Award GPA above 3.5 for three years!


  A brief history of Mark Carl Nolte, My uncle Ray Colvin taught me electronic terms at age five. My Uncle was Army Air Corp Captian Ray Colvin, a Navigator Radio-Operator on the crew of a B-24J named Tyrannosaurus Rex during World War II. March 2013 my friend Dave Wagenvoord arranged my flight in the last flying B-24J on earth. I sat in the same chair my uncle sat in seventy years ago. Those guys did amazing things to redefine bravery.
I spoke into my first wireless at age seven at a Boy Scout show. Eight years old I built all fifty, of Radio Shack fifty in one kit. 
At ten, built a Remco AM transmitter I still have. I taught myself radio electronics until I met Charles Wilson June of 1977. Built my first PC in late 1977, It was an RCA COSMAC ELF Computer kit. KOHM 91.1 Monterey High School Broadcast Electronics Program.
First Radio Job outside of School was KWGO and KJAK Lubbock, TX.
Later moved to Johnson City, Tennessee were I worked for the Johnson City Public Schools, their Television Station and WIDD FM. 
College, Army, Broadcast School... Back to Austin Texas Radio.  Years later now as a Television Construction Manager and Chief of Engineering, Today, I am working on my next big thing.
My current assignment is being as good of a father to Jiaxi (Gaby) Nolte as my father was for me. My parents encouraged us to follow our dreams, mine in Broadcast Engineering. My Brother Myles Nolte, is an Aircraft tooling design engineer, the same as my father was.  My Brother Merl Nolte, (a.k.a. Nick) is an Engineer for CSX Railroads.


My father was Melvin Carl Nolte, 62 year Boy Scout, Born 1934, his wife of 57 years, Mary and my two brothers Myles and Merl, made five M names as a family. He worked in Plastic injection molding tool design for Companies, Allied/Bendix and Motorola injection molding electronics for the Apollo Missions up-to Apollo 15 and Mars Mariner Satellites. After the Space program, he designed case moldings for Texas Instruments, consumer products like the calculator. In 1971 he was the first generation Nolte to leave the Lutheran Church for non-denominational worship based on Grace. Ordained by The Church of God (Cleveland, TN) in 1995. Operated KYRK 100.9 FM for three years. His widow is retired living in Florida. He was born at 12:17 AM May 21 1934 and passed away December 15, 2014 at about 12:17 AM, although the official time was declared 2:06 AM, I was there. My Dad set a pretty high standard of service and self sacrifice as a Dad.


This is my grandfather the business man at work...nice shoes? huh, Herman Carl Nolte, 1895-1971, owned and operated Nolte Wheel Alignment in Kansas City, Kansas, in the garage business 60 years. Love You Grandpa! First Generation Immigrant, BORN in the USA in 1895. We were too late for Slavery, and too early for the Nazi's. He was a hardworking Kansas City Businessman back when Kansas City was just a few streets. Our family shop was off State Rd and 7th Street. Harry Truman was selling suits in a top hat and tails...the Nolte clan, not so


His Father, August Christian Heinrich (Emil) Nolte, 1855-1904, and his Father, Friedrich Karl Nolte, 1821-1906 and Uncles and Cousins immigrated to the United States in 1882 aboard the S.S. ELBE North German Lloyd, Arriving at South Hampton New York, March 27, 1882. Occupations were Ten Generations as Master Shoemakers from the towns of Aerzon and Hameln Germany.


When they arrived in the US, they found both language and culture barriers as shoe cobblers in a territory where Germans were awkward folks in the Midwest.  Emil did not stay on the train to Iowa and first settled in Ohio. Their first Daughter Sophia died of whooping cough and they moved to the rest of the family in West Cedar Rapids, Iowa a place called Time-check marked as a city park today.  Shoe-cobbler and Stock Cutter then bought 160 Acres in Lawton, Oklahoma. He built and repaired wagon wheels as a Wheelwright and Farmed. This picture is my grandfathers second brother Ernst. He died young at 24 of brights disease. He was the reason my grandfather Herman and his brother Karl started a Garage business in the first place. 

Nolte Life in Aerzen Germany goes back to the true story of the Pied Piper of Hameln embellished by both the Brothers Grimm and my more logical version of what happened to some but maybe not ALL the Children that followed the Pied Piper. Aerzen was owned by Welfendukes and mortgaged it to the Bishops of Hildeshiem, later part of a famous Hildeshiem Feud and promptly burned to the ground several times.

Anno 1284 am dage Johannis et Pauli
war der 26. junii
Dorch einen piper mit allerlei farve bekledet
gewesen CXXX kinder verledet binnen Hamelen gebo[re]n
to calvarie bi den koppen verloren

Sometime in the 13th or 14th Century, The Bishops and Dukes of Pomerania, Brandenburg, Uckermark and Prignitz sent out glib medieval recruitment officers, offering rich rewards to those who were willing to move to the new lands. Bishops recruited or bribed some of the young people of Hameln in only 5 miles to the northeast over a small hill to move to and develop the central crossroad town of Aerzen. The people of Hameln knew some of their children were only five miles away. They were so put out by the Bishops bribes they celebrated their children's departure with adult beverages and outlawed music in the town of Hameln sometime around 1300. The Black Death was spreading across Germany but not much evidence in Aerzen.  The cathedral of the Brothers Grimm story could have been St. Mariens. A Tenth Barn or Tax house was built and later burned for its popularity and became part of the story.

The last time they burned the town of Aerzen was 1642 by the Weimar Cavalry.  Jobst Nolte in 1642 at the young age of 23, helped rebuild the town. He was given a lifetime pension and property to build his house, he finished in 1678. Located across from St. Mariens Lutheran Church, the Nolte house is still there now 400 years old. The Church is 870 years now since the Pied (Bishops) Pipers gave away land to the young people of Hameln. The town was untouched in two world wars of the last century.

More Family Name Credits , all Shoemakers and Lutherans include: the son of Jobst Nolte, Tonnies Hinrich Nolte 1654-1714, and his son Johann Friedrich Nolte 1683-1752, and his son Heinrich Ludwig Nolte 1712-1786, and his son Ludwig Nolte 1744-1816, and the most Famed Aerzen Fire Marshall and Tax collector Honorable Judge Georg Heinrich Nolte 1778-1856 the first Nolte Publicly a Conservative. His son Friedrich Karl Nolte 1821- 1906, was a US immigrant. His daughter was Sophia Nolte.

In 1678 Jobst Nolte carved this message on the beam over his door. 335 years later it is still there:  

Wer auf Gott vertraut, hat gut im Himmel und auf Erde errichtet. Wer auf Jesus Christus beruht, wird im Himmel vergütet. Wir beten uns arbeiten.  

It says:

Who trusts in God, has built well in heaven and on earth. Who relies on Jesus Christ, shall be rewarded in heaven. We pray, we work.


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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Legend of the First Man (Adam) Adapa
From the Zecharia Sitchin Index; translated by Stephanie Dalley

He (Enki) made broad understanding perfect in him (Adapa), To disclose the design of the land.

To him he gave wisdom, but did not give eternal life. At that time, in those years, he was a sage, son of Eridu.

Enki created him as a protecting spirit among mankind.

A sage – nobody rejects his word – Clever, extra-wise, he was one of the Anunnaki, Holy, pure of hands, the pashishu-priest who always tends the rites.

He does baking with the bakers of Eridu, He does the food and water of Eridu every day, Sets up the offerings table with his pure hands, Without him no offerings table is cleared away.

He takes the boat out and does the fishing for Eridu.

At that time Adapa, the son of Eridu, When he had got the leader Enki out of bed, Used to ‘feed’ the bolt of Eridu every day.

At the holy Kar-usakar he embarked in a sailing-boat And without a rudder his boat would drift, Without a steering-pole he would take his boat out into the broad sea.

South Wind Send him to live in the fishes’ home.

“South Wind, though you send your brothers against me, However many there are, I shall break your wing!”

No sooner had he uttered these words than South Wind’s wing was broken; For seven days South Wind did not blow towards the land.

An called out to his vizier Ilabrat, “Why hasn’t the south wind blown towards the land for seven days” His vizier Ilabrat answered him, “My lord, Adapa, the son of Enki has broken South Wind’s wing.”

When An heard this word, He cried “Heaven help him!”, rose up from his throne. “Send for him to be brought here!”

Enki, aware of Heaven’s ways, touched him And made him wear his hair unkempt, Clothed him in mourning garb, Gave him instructions, “Adapa, you are to go before king An.

You will go up to Heaven, And when you go up to Heaven, When you approach the gate of An, Dumuzi and Gizzida will be standing in the Gate of An, Will see you, will keep asking you questions, “Young man, on whose behalf do you wear mourning garb?” You must answer: “Two gods have vanished from our country, And that is why I am behaving like this.” They will ask: “Who are the two gods that have vanished from the countryside?” You will answer: “They are Dumuzi and Gizzida.” “They will look at each other and laugh a lot, Will speak a word in your favor to Anu, Will present you to An in a good mood.

When you stand before An They will hold out for you bread of death, so you must not eat.

They will hold out for you water of death, so you must not drink.

They will hold out a garment for you; so put it on.

They will hold out oil for you; so anoint yourself.

You must not neglect the instructions I have given you; Keep to the words that I have told you.”

The envoy of An arrived.

“Send to me Adapa, Who broke the South Wind’s wing.”

He made him take the way of heaven.

When he came up to heaven, When he approached the Gate of An, Dumuzi and Gizzida were standing in the Gate of An.

They saw Adapa and cried, “Heaven help him! Young man, on whose behalf do you look like this Adapa, on whose behalf do you wear mourning clothes? “Two gods have vanished from the country, and that is why I am wearing mourning clothes.”

“Who are the two gods who have vanished from the country” ” Dumuzi and Gizzida,” Adapa answered. They looked at each other and laughed a lot.

When Adapa drew near to the presence of King An, An saw him and shouted, “Come here, Adapa! Why did you break South Wind’s wind”

Adapa answered An, “My lord, I was catching fish in the middle of the sea, For the house of my lord Enki.

But he inflated the sea into a storm And south wind blew and sank me! I was forced to take up residence in the fishes’ home. In my fury, I cursed South Wind.”

Dumuzi and Gizzida responded from beside him, Spoke a word in his favor to An. His heart was appeased he grew quiet.

“Why did Enki disclose to wretched mankind The ways of heaven and earth, Give them a heavy heart It was he who did it! What can we do for him.

Fetch him the bread of eternal life and let him eat!”

They fetched him the bread of eternal life, but he would not eat.

They fetched him the water of eternal life, but he would not drink.

They fetched him a garment, and he put it on himself.

They fetched him oil, and he anointed himself.

An watched him and laughed at him.

“Come Adapa, why didn’t you eat? Why didn’t you drink?” Didn’t you want to be immortal? Alas for downtrodden people!”

“But Enki my lord told me: “You mustn’t eat! You mustn’t drink!”‘

Take him and send him back to his earth.

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